Terms of Service

Payment Options:
1. Major credit cards accepted: Visa, Master, American Express and payment though Square payments. Our secured & encrypted online ordering system ensures you a safe and pleasant online-shopping experience. Prior submitting an order, please verify all of your personal information carefully, false or incorrect information will delay your order process.

We send you immediately a confirmation email upon receipt of your order. In this email you will see the exact item(s) was ordered and the charges with your order. Please print a copy of this email for your records. Shortly after you submit the order, if you listed an alternate shipping address, we will contact your issuing bank to verify the alternate shipping address is notated in your account. If it is not, please notate the alternate address with your bank and notify us. Inventory based on your order will be assigned for shipping.
2. If you are not comfortable to order on-line, we also accept Money Order, cashier check, Western Union or wire transfer. Please note that all non-credit card orders will take longer to process because all Money Orders & Cashier Checks will be verified with issued bank prior shipping.
Shipping Info:
Shipping within 48 states (except for California) is $100.00. we do not ship to Hawaii, PR and Alaska .Most order are Processed & Shipped within 5 to 7 Business Days following payment receipt. Delivery & Transit time is 6 to 9 Business days depending on your location

Upon making a purchase, if you decide to cancel your order you must contact us within 24 hours after the order is placed to cancel it. If the order has been processed but not shipped all cancellations are subject to a non-negotiable non-refundable cancellation fee of $ 100.00. Once the merchandise is shipped, the order may not be cancelled. If you choose to cancel your order once it has been shipped, you will be responsible for the initial shipping freight charge, the return freight charge and also a 30% restocking fee to cover the time, labor and materials invested in preparing the shipment. To cancel your order, please contact a Shipping Department by phone ONLY to request a cancellation at (703) 618-2855. Once the cancellation is confirmed, you will receive an email confirmation that briefly explains our cancellation agreement and the costs you would be responsible to pay to cancel your order weather the order has been shipped or not. If you decide to return a product that you purchased that had a promotion of Free Shipping, the above mentioned returns costs also apply under normal shipping costs of that product. All assembly and registration costs are not refundable. Due to hygienic reasons, we do not accept returns of any helmets. Once your confirmation to cancel and or return the product is received in writing, we will arrange the return or cancellation through our shipping and accounting department. Please allow 7 to 10 business days for the procession of your refund after the order has been cancelled and or returned.